NETBIO Weaned Calf and Yearling Sale


Required Vaccinations & Procedures

  1. 7 or 8-way Clostridial: (Black Leg) Administer SQ (under the skin) in neck, 2 doses required.
  2. Respiratatory Virues: (IBR,PI3,BVD,BRSV) IBR/PI3- BVD/BRSV Administer per label in neck, 2 doses required. The use of killed vaccine in place of MLV on the first round is an option, then MLV on the second round is manditory).
  3. Hemophilus somnus: Administer per label in neck, May be combined with Clostridial vaccines, 2 doses required.
  4. Mannheimia haemolytica (Pasteurella): Administer per label in neck.  Must be recognized as leukotoxin type. Vaccination may be combined with Pasteurella multocida. Doses required are dependent on label and/or veterinarian recommendations.
  5. Deworming is required
  6. Second dose must be given at least 30 days before the sale date (can be more)
  7. Must be castrated and dehorned back to the hairline
  8. Castration with a knife is recommended, however if a producer elects to castrate by banding, the band must be placed on the cattle a minimum of 45 days before the sale
  9. Must be on feed and water trough broke
  10. Must have NETBIO identification tag in left ear
  11. All calves purchased for resale in a NETBIO sale must be owned at least 90 days prior to the sale date and have undergone the same prescribed procedures and vaccinations as ranch raised cattle.
  12. Cattle previously purchased at a NETBIO sale and subsequently resold through a later NETBIO sale must have a respiratory booster 14-30 days prior to the sale
  13. All cattle must be certified by a licensed veterinarian

Sale Procedures

  • All calves must be certified by a licensed veterinarian to meet the processing criteria established by the Producer Advisory Board. Sulphur Springs Livestock will be responsible for issuing NETBIO tags.
  • The cattle should be worked, vaccinated, and the NETBIO tag placed in the left ear.  A consignment sheet should then be filled out and returned to Sulphur Springs Livestock, as soon as possible.
  • Upon delivery to the sale, all calves must have the proper tag numbers  issued by Sulphur Springs Livestock.
  • Pre-conditioned calves must have been weaned at least 45 days in advance and should be started on supplement program.
  • All calves must be delivered to Sulphur Springs Livestock Facility on or before 3:00 PM the day before the sale.
  • Calves should not be delivered with an excessive fill and will be handled accordingly.
  • Calves will be weighed as soon as possible upon delivery. Cattle will be sorted by type and weight, then co-mingled with other producer cattle to be offered in uniform lots at time of sale.
  • All cattle in a particular lot will be sold at same price to the highest bidder. The selling price for each lot will then be multiplied time the initial weight of each producer's calves in the lot,(less 2% shrink), to determine the gross sale price of each producer's calves within a particular lot.
  • All cattle will be sold subject to the customary commission fees and other related expenses.
  • All cattle will be placed on feed from delivery to shipping at the customary expense to the producer.

All Sales are Absolute