SPECIAL SALE SCHEDULE                                        

Along with our Regular Monday Sale
Labor Day, September 4th
We will be having a Special Stock Cow Sale
1-4 Year old Brangus Bull

12- Half Red Angus and Half Hereford Sts
1100-1200 lbs. Out of Registered Bulls
Were qualified for the Whole Foods Program
All from one place. Very Gentle and Grass Fed!

5 - Virgin Pure Bred Char. Bulls (All from one place)

40 - Brangus Cows, Running ages- Some will be pairs- The
rest are exposed to Brangus and Angus Bulls.
Gentle and home raised.

All consignments welcome!
For more information call 903-885-2455


These cattle will sell at approx. 3:30PM

                                    Photos Below

4 Year old Brangus Bull-4th Sale



Sale Announcement  
Sale Announcement