SPECIAL SALE SCHEDULE                                        


               ***Along with our Monday March 5th Sale***

Complete Herd Sell Out

58 - Brahman Cows- Running Ages-Bred to Brahman

and Hereford Bulls-Some will be pairs.

94 - Hereford Cows-Running Ages- Bred to Brahman

and Braford Bulls-Some will be pairs.

50 - Black Cows- Running Ages- Bred to Beefmaster Bulls.

1- Hereford Bull, 2 Years old and Gentle

1- Hereford Bull, 3 Years old and Gentle

1- Registared Brahman Bull- 3 years old

1- Braford Bull- 3 years old

Photos Below

***Other Consigned Cows Listed Below**

100 - Mix Breed Cows - Several Blks, Big Majority of
these Cows will be Pairs - The Rest Bred Cows

4- Virgin Charolias Bulls-Approx 17-18 Months old
Tested and ready to turn out with cows.




Sale Announcement  
Sale Announcement